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Do I really need this?

We’ll let you be the judge of that.  But we will offer up these facts to help you make that call.  A recent Harvard study found that a 1-star bump in a brand’s online reviews resulted in a 9% INCREASE in gross revenues.   And 72% of consumers give online reviews as much clout and credibility as they do recommendations from their own friends.  Consider that 43% of customers would fail to use a business with only a 3-star rating.  And finally, 67% of consumers said between one and three bad online reviews would be enough to deter them from using/buying a product or service.  Do we have your attention now?  It’s clear.  A brand with an effective online review strategy stands to gain customers, build loyalty, and drive up revenues.

Does it require a lot of work?

No, We designed this from the ground up to be as simple as flipping the switch.  Once you sign up, we immediately get to work building out the review funnel and custom-branding it to fit your business.  And then we implement that system with your current customers to start the flow of new reviews and get the revenue rolling.  It’s a complete, done-for-you system that requires no website, no graphic design, and no legwork from your end except to provide us with the contact information for your customers so that we can get them into the review funnel.  


Can’t I just buy reviews?

DANGER: Do not buy reviews. Let me repeat, do not buy reviews.

Besides being dishonest and possibly fraudulent, faking or buying reviews is a bad idea for your business. Many review sites actively punish such behavior. In the long run, ill-begotten reviews will lead to consumer distrust of your company, public shaming by review sites, and irreparable harm to your business. It’s not worth it.

Do my customers have a choice on where they leave reviews?

Yes! We provide your customers with several choices on sites to leave reviews.  So they can choose the one(s) that they are familiar with or already have accounts with.  We can help to bump them in the direction of the exact sites that you need help with, but they certainly have free choice of the sites to leave their reviews at.  


What types of payment do you accept?

We process payments from all major credit cards on a monthly basis.  

Am I required to sign a contract?

Not at all.  We operate on a month-to-month basis.  We want you to have complete confidence that your spend is valuable and effective.  If it’s not one of the most important aspects of your business strategy, then we don’t want to keep you in a long-term contract that you feel trapped in.  We are more than confident that you’ll soon consider it one of your most effective new marketing tools!